Free Will Is An Illusion

2014Chuck Will Eventually Make His Way To 2014Michael, Which Is Now. [Run, Boy, Run.]




“You have to stop this.”  Chuck stared at Michael and he could feel that rage.  It was starting again.  It sat at the bottom of his spine and it was slowly working its way up.  The pain and suffering caused by one angel’s personal vendetta towards a long-dead prophecy predicted by a God who knew it wouldn’t nor shouldn’t happen.  “Leave it.  Walk away now.  There are too many lives on the line.  Too many angels that deserve to walk among my Father’s gardens.  Give them a chance to live instead of asking them to die for you.”

“Die for me?” Michael shook his head in disappointment, “And what of Lucifer and this land, Prophet? Am I to let him destroy the remainder of humanity as he sees fit?”

“Let me talk to Lucifer.  I will get him to stand down as well.  Humanity will thrive if you both leave this be.  They can make a comeback if you don’t waste what little hope of peace they have.”  He sighed and stared at the archangel.  He didn’t understand how God could feel such love for Michael.

"What if he does not? I cannot even imagine he would allow his success to be simply taken away from him like that. When then would you have me do?" Michael’s tone was on the very of threatening as he clearly doubted the prophet’s ability to make his brother surrender this world.